Corona Virus Update

Hello Pet Parents,


We hope this note finds you and your furry loved ones safe and healthy!  With many changes in our lives due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our pets can be such a comfort to us as we learn to enjoy and/or endure the circumstances of staying at home and practicing social distancing. Fortunately, your dog cannot get this virus (see link).

We want you to know that Reynolds Dog Resort and Training Center is committed to being here for you during this difficult time.  Most of our business is based on people going to work and traveling, which have both dramatically declined.  However, we are in this for the long haul and ready to pamper your four-legged family members in whatever ways will help make this a safe and comfortable time for you and your pet.

At Reynolds, the health and well-being of your pet and family is our top priority. We have taken additional measures to keep our facilities operating in a safe manner and have continually evolved our procedures based on current circumstances. Pet care staff will be here to care for your pets and are eager to accommodate you, our client, as much as we can. Below is some other important information regarding our current operations:

  • We plan to remain open during our usual business hours. We will keep our Google page updated if we increase or decrease our hours of operation.

Safety First

  • We have just added additional air sanitizing technology to all of our facilities. Also, additional cleaning procedures for our lobby and other areas of our facilities.
  • In order to follow current social distancing guidelines, we are in the process of offering a valet service so that you do not need to enter the facility.  Because each location’s setup is unique, please call ahead so you know our procedures and the drop off and pick up goes smoothly.  Please be patient and allow for a few extra minutes.
  • At drop off we will provide you with a sanitized slip leash outside that you will attach to your dog. Depending on the location will depend on how the hand off will go.  Once we bring your dog inside, we will first give them a quick bath and then they will be good to go!  We soon will have an optional “myETA” button on our website for you to click on your phone, which will allow us to track how close you are to our facility so we can anticipate your arrival.
  • At this time, we are not allowing your dog’s personal belongings and we are only accepting your dog and their food. No bedding, leashes, collars, toys, etc to reduce possible transmission of germs.  We will be providing them with comfy in-house bedding.
  • We have implemented a social spacing procedure between employees. Employees will be temperature checked prior to the start of their shift.
  • In order to further help with social distancing, we ask that you add your payment information through our encrypted website prior to drop off- if you haven’t done this already. You can log into your account through the “Contact Us” page to take care of that.

How you can help us

  • Please spread the word that we are open and here to help!
  • Help us make sure we have updated information on you and your dog by logging onto our website and upload your dog’s picture and other details.
  • We will be offering a 40% discount to first responders and front-line medical personnel at least through the month of April to help them through this difficult demanding time. If you have any friends that are in the medical field and have had their lives impacted due to the COVID-19, please let them know we are here to help with doggy daycare or lodging needs.
  • We will be offering 25% off all of our very successful Lodge and Train Camps. The training needs to begin in the month of April to encourage those that need training for their dogs to get that training done during this slow time for us.
  • In partnership with the Dog Gurus we are offering “Dog Tricks for Fun” e-training courses. This is a 1 year subscription to training videos on 15 tricks you can teach your dog.  These training video’s are done by my friend and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA. The cost is $99.00 and she is passing on to Reynolds Dog Resort the vast majority of the revenue.  You can keep yourself/kids and your dog from being so B-O-R-E-D and have some fun.

Reynolds Dog Resort will continue to actively monitor the news and guidance from various public agencies about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and will abide by the recommendations put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. State Department, and city and county officials. Again, our goal is to remain open while continuing to provide a safe environment for our staff, clients, and guests.

We wish you all health and safety and loving snuggles for your pets!

Wash your hands!

With love,

The Reynolds family and our wonderful staff.

p.s. According to new information from WHO dogs cannot get the virus.  Please review the article link below from the AKC regarding COVID-19 and pets: